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Essential data about your business Study your business numbers and track your progress with our reports & statistics. Anticipate cutomer cancellations, discover how your clients found you and which strategies allow you increase retention.
  • More than 40 indicators available
  • Monthly membership & clients counts
  • CSV/Excel export on all your reports
  • Evolution charts
Invoice generation Learn which of your memberships are more profitable, which produts have a bigger profit margin and which of your employees is getting more sales. Discover which are your better sources of income and expenses in order to take strategic decisions.
  • Income balance
  • Sales report
  • Income per membership
  • Stock and product sales reports
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The best way to organize your calendar Thanks to AimFighter you can know which of your schedules have a bigger attendance rate, so you can keep it in mind when making any timetable changes. You can see which schedules are getting more cancellations in order to update your reservation & cancellations limits.
  • Class, coaches & schedules popularity statistics
  • Ratings with their personal comments
  • Attendance reports
Time control, with no complications With AimFighter your employees can clock in with our App to log their entry & departure time. You can limit from where your employees will be able to clock in, by checking out their GPS location, and list the total number of days and hours worked by each one of your coaches.
  • Geolocated Clock-in
  • Employee class list & schedule